Why choose me?

There are many coaches and facilitators around so why work with me?
Well, it is important that there is a good match between coach/facilitator and client, or client organisation. If you’re interested in working with me, I offer a free initial meeting or consultation to see if there is a ‘good fit’. And something in my background, experience or working style may mean I can add extra value to our work together. Please read on for my experience with leadership, in the media and with SMEs:

My aim as a coach is to help individuals create successful and fulfilling personal and professional lives by thoroughly engaging their unique talents, creativity and aspirations.

As a facilitator I bring a friendly, creative and challenging style; I believe that it’s through building trust, engagement and enjoyment that group participants can take risks, challenge themselves and make real change in their understandings and behaviours.

Style: My clients tell me that I have a friendly and respectful yet very powerful working style. I coach with a light touch, even around serious issues. I am particularly skilled at keeping track of complex issues, and finding clarity in confusion.

I am fully trained, accredited, supervised and insured in what is still a largely unregulated profession.

All my work is fully guaranteed — for full details see the relevant section (individuals, SMEs or organisations.)

I have particular experience and qualities that may make us a good match to work together:

  • Leadership: I have particular experience of working with leaders across all sectors which gives me a deep understanding of the challenges of leadership such as balancing people’s needs and the bottom line; retaining integrity in the face of challenging decisions; the fine balancing act of keeping stakeholders and shareholders happy; and managing change in a complex world.
  • Media and environment: I have more than 20 years experience in these sectors and therefore have an understanding of these worlds — the pressures, challenges and the mixed blessing of strong values or ideals.
  • SMEs / Sole traders: I have been self-employed and run my own business for 20 years and understand the pressures, challenges and exhilarations of entrepreneurship. I have coached many small-business owners for greater personal and professional success.

Please get in touch for an informal chat or free consultation if you would like to explore further whether coaching is for you, and I am the right person to work with.