What Jan’s clients say

“There are few coaches who could provide you with the level of support and quality of listening that I have experienced with Jan. She has a unique approach, one that places you, the client right in the centre and works with your aspirations and your creativity to ensure you find what you are looking for”
Glyn Fussell, Director Realwork Consulting Ltd

“Jan is warm and objective. She’s systematic, yet creative and intuitive at the same time.”
Belinda Heys, Company Director

“Jan’s coaching laid the foundation for a change that is saving me over £2,500 per year.”
Paul Davies, Company Director

“I needed a push to make the changes that had to be made. Whatever was bothering me walking in always seemed more manageable on the way out.”
Sharon Curry, Artist

“Jan helped me develop my own ideas without pushing any of her own.”
A. Wilson, Shiatsu Practitioner