Testimonials / Guarantee

For my no-risk guarantee please see the bottom of this page.

Past and current clients include corporates, charities and public sector organisations:
  • Airbus
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • BUPA
  • NHS
  • Connexions
  • Sure Start
  • Science Museum Group
  • Soil Association
  • Youth Business International
  • Learning Partnership West
  • London Youth
  • Gingerbread
  • Food for Life Partnership
  • Garden Organic
  • Youth Net
  • Penny Brohn Cancer Care
  • Scott Logic
  • Eunomia Consultancy
I also work as an associate with:
  • The Windsor Leadership Trust, Windsor, UK
  • AirBusiness Academy, Toulouse, France

Here’s what my corporate, business and organisational clients say about my services, including one-to-one coaching, leadership team development, and workshops (on career development and other topics):

> Team development

“Working with our senior management team on both an individual and group basis, Jan has managed to transform our effectiveness as a team and as individuals through a complex period of change. Her methodology and her manner enable us to be honest with one another whilst also being practical about what we can do better. She is a true pro and the best facilitator coach I have ever worked with!”
Rosie Ferguson, CEO London Youth

“Jan helped to hold and facilitate a warm and safe space for our team to make the most of organisational change and achieve full closure. I highly recommend this work.”
Maria Tighe PhD, Head of Professional Development, Penny Brohn Cancer Care

“It was such a valuable day – both individually and as a team – and at a much needed point in time. Your combined ability to be gentle with us and firm at the same time is amazing, and I think you really helped us to get to a better place together.”
Sam Grimstone, Director, London Youth

> Workshop facilitation

“Jan was a great facilitator; her coaching skills showed as she gave us the right balance of challenge and shared her views when we had reached a wall to help keep us moving forwards.”
Windsor Leadership Trust course participant

“Jan’s career transition workshops received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees, who praised Jan’s relaxed, open and warm welcoming style. Jan’s facilitation skills and knowledge were excellent.”
Hayley Lord, Group HR Manager, Soil Association

“The session was well planned, well resourced and related well to the needs and requirements of the attendees.”
Colette Bond, Head of Education, Garden Organic

“Jan was outstanding – she really made space for course participants and brought professional expertise (rather than her own opinions to the group). She allowed us to make what we wanted of it and was very flexible.”
Windsor Leadership Trust course participant

“Well-paced, responsive, emotionally intelligent, excellent pitch, taking everyone’s needs into account”
Katie Hope, Refugee Action

> Leadership coaching
“Jan’s professionalism and client centred approach focused me and helped get me into exactly the right frame of mind to prepare for a challenging task at very short notice.”
Senior Leader with Connexions

“I’d recommend Jan to anyone who wants support to create real change.”
Joy Watkins, Manager in the voluntary sector

“Jan is warm and objective. She’s systematic, yet creative and intuitive at the same time.”
Belinda Heys, Company Director

“It was an opportunity to find out what the real issues were that I needed to address – and then create and try out new ways to get to grips with them.”
Paul Davies, Company Director

“Now I can better deal with tricky situations.”
James Richardson, Business Analyst


Enjoy a risk-free investment for one-to-one coaching!

I can vouch for the effectiveness of my coaching — provided the person being coached is truly committed to taking action to create real change and the organisation plays its part to support it.

I therefore offer a full money-back guarantee:

If after four sessions the individual being coached has fulfilled his or her part of the process and been supported by their line manager, but has not found it helpful, you receive a refund of the fee.