Testimonials / Guarantee

For my moneyback guarantee, please see the bottom of this page.

Here’s what clients say about working with me:

“I’ve been amazed and truly delighted at the results. I know that without coaching I would be struggling, still stuck in a career where I was unhappy. Coaching has helped me to get the confidence to take voluntary early severance from my job of 30 + years and branch out doing something I love, and am passionate about.”
Jules Woolford, newly self-employed

“The process was scary before starting, but as soon as I met you I realised how easy it would be to work with you. Your warm and approachable manner made it very easy and I always felt very supported during our work together.”
Jessie Morris

“Making that first step to see Jan forced a structure, the organisation and a space in time to just concentrate on me. Her clarity and alacrity of mind helped to simplify issues, get to what was true for me.”
Derek, Programmer Analyst

“I found working with Jan energising and it had a huge impact on me. It was a relief to move into action, having been around the same thought loop too many times on my own. In just a few conversations I shifted how I was thinking and feeling around issues I had been stuck around for a long time.”
Alison Lucas, Business Coach

“Our meetings have been interesting, supportive and unexpectedly fun!”
Anna Retallack, Social Worker

“I would highly recommend Jan to anybody who’s struggling, in particular with issues around their career. She is a very smart lady who brings forth insights and suggestions without being prescriptive.”
Clare Brown, Writer

“I have found a new exciting voice which is changing my behaviour and stopping me fall into the same old traps.”
Roger Sheldon

“I needed a push to make the changes that had to be made. Whatever was bothering me walking in always seemed more manageable on the way out.”
Sharon Curry, Artist

“Each coaching session was both challenging and inspirational. Jan possesses tremendous skills, knowledge, experience and creativity to enable one to pursue your goals and dreams for the future.”
Alexander Stock – PR and marketing consultant.

“Jan has helped me scrutinize my immediate and long-term goals, and make difficult decisions with confidence.”
Claudia Melim-McLeod, Advisor, United Nations Development Programme

“Jan helped me develop my own ideas without pushing any of her own.”
A. Wilson, Shiatsu Practitioner

“The discussions with Jan allowed me to see that something that had been a pipe dream was actually viable. Without the sessions I’d still be dreaming about the idea rather than actually doing it!”
Hester Wildman, Science Consultant

“Jan is a professional and sensitive coach. I am very happy with the results I have achieved with her help.”
Renée Hansard

“Jan has the ability to find a clear and practical pathway through the maze of issues I presented her with. Her insightful approach has enabled me to find a level of self acceptance and appreciation for my life, that I feel is genuine and long lasting.
Maggie Feeney, Artist

“Without Jan’s input I’d still be crouching at the starting block, but now the home straight is in sight.”
Rita Jelinski, Researcher and Writer

“Jan has helped me beyond my expectations. Other people have noticed a positive change in me and I really have enjoyed and got so much value from this experience.”
Beth Clark

Enjoy a risk-free investment!

I can vouch for the effectiveness of my coaching — provided the person being coached is truly committed to taking action to create real change.

I therefore offer a full money-back guarantee:

You’re free to end the coaching at any time. If after four sessions you have fulfilled your part of the process, but have not found it helpful, you receive a full refund.