Qualifications / experience

I am a fully qualified coach and hold a professional diploma from Coaching Development Ltd in London which took 18 months to complete, and included 20 days of live training, as well as many hours of observed coaching practice, research and assessment. I am also trained in Solution-Focused Coaching, Non-Violent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Focusing, and Systemic Coaching and Constellations.

Since 2006 I have held a professional accreditation from the ICF (International Coach Federation), currently as Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I am now working towards achieving my Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential, the highest ICF accreditation.

With more than 3000 hours of experience gained since 2001, I have coached more than 450 people in corporate, small business, charity and private settings on a huge range of personal and professional topics.

Corporate clients include private and public sector organisations such as NHS, Airbus, BUPA and Connexions. I coach senior leaders and executives on a range of leadership issues such as effective communication, authentic leadership, robust self belief, and developing clear vision and strategy.

I have worked with many charities, both national and local, including The Soil Association, London Youth, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, YouthNet, Youth Business International, Garden Organic and the Health Education Trust. This includes coaching senior managers and CEOs on leadership and strategy as well as group and team facilitation.

My work with SMEs encompasses helping small business leaders regain their vision for their businesses and take strategic steps to build for the future. Effective leadership and clear communication with business partners and staff has been a common topic.

In my private practice common themes are career transitions, regaining a sense of purpose and direction, and issues of confidence and self-belief. My aim is to help people gain insight and clarity about themselves and their aspirations and take steps with confidence towards their goals.

I also facilitate courses and workshops in both a corporate and private setting.
In organisations, I facilitate team building and the development of the behaviours necessary for ‘high performing’ teams. Another speciality is forward-looking workshops and seminars for teams and groups of staff facing redundancy and career transitions. I also work on programmes aimed at introducing a coaching culture to large organisations.
In my private practice I facilitate workshops on career change, life purpose and effective life planning. These include courses ‘on the move’ where I take people out to walk long-distance trails to help them gain clarity and commitment to their next steps.

I am an associate coach with several organisations centred around the support and development of authentic leadership and professional development:
The Windsor Leadership Trust, Windsor, UK: www.windsorleadershiptrust.org.uk
AirBusiness Academy / Airbus, Toulouse, France: www.airbusiness-academy.com

I am familiar with the commercial pressures of both small and large organisations from my time in the BBC and many small businesses. I understand the conflicting need to juggle tight schedules and budgets yet maximise creativity, to inspire and co-ordinate teams while attending to external customers and stake-holders, and to focus on the bottom line without losing sight of essential values. I have also run my own businesses and been self employed for 16 years and understand the thrills and challenges of entrepreneurship.

My coaching is confidential, fully insured, supervised and underpinned by the ICF code of ethics.