Career transitioning / Layoffs

Career transition support: workshops. seminars and one-to-one coaching

In these unstable economic times, with lean organisational structures and pared down budgets, many organisations are laying off staff. Shedding people at any level within an organisation has an impact on the whole business. Redundancy processes are often protracted and can have an enormous impact both on the managers and HR professionals overseeing the process as well as the staff whose jobs are at risk. In addition the remaining ‘lay off survivors’ are often demotivated, resulting in a sharp dip in performance and productivity.

It doesn’t have to be like this: it is possible to maintain morale and help staff make the transition quickly and positively:

“I followed your strategy to the letter… Expected a brush off, but had a lovely chat and meeting set up. And I’ve applied for 2 jobs there in the past and not even managed to get an interview!”
Career Transition Workshop participant, environmental charity

The way in which redundancy is managed is therefore crucial in ensuring the ongoing health and productivity of your people and your organisation, both during and after the downsizing process. Offering support and assistance to both departing and remaining staff therefore:
  • ensures the process happens as smoothly as possible, minimising emotional ‘fallout’
  • enables departing staff to transition more rapidly to new roles
  • maintains morale and productivity throughout your organisation both during and after the transition period
  • safeguards your company’s reputation and brand, through departing staff acting as positive ambassadors
To support this process I offer three services:
  • Career transition workshops and trainings for teams or groups of staff who are leaving your organisation
  • One-to-one career coaching to help individuals transition to their next career role, including Individual Directions profiling
  • Organisational change support for remaining staff


Career transition workshops and trainings

Offering practical support to staff who are leaving the organisation helps maintain motivation and productivity throughout this often disruptive period and safeguards your reputation as an employer of choice in your industry. Being seen to walk your talk when it comes to investing in your people at this challenging time is critical for the future health and reputation of your organisation.

I offer tailor-made workshops and trainings for staff being laid off, supporting them in their redundancy process and job transition, as well as ensuring a more positive experience for the entire business. The trainings can be offered to entire teams or groups of individual employees from across the organisation.

Courses are designed to suit your requirements and can be anything from a one-off, two hour seminar to an entire week of interactive workshops. They can take place on your company premises or in a neutral setting. The content is bespoke to suit the particular circumstances of your staff and organisation, but typical topics include:

  • Managing transitions: dealing with the emotional and practical challenges of change
  • Career visioning and planning
  • Job hunting: where to look and how to create a plan
  • Top tips for writing CV’s and job applications
  • Interviews: How to prepare, how to excel
  • Making the transition to freelancing or self-employment
  • Mastering the inner game: building confidence and staying positive

“Jan’s career transition workshops received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees, who praised her relaxed, open and warm welcoming style. Jan’s facilitation skills and knowledge were excellent.”
Hayley Lord, Group HR Manager, Soil Association

Please get in touch to book a free consultation. We can discuss your particular needs and shape a bespoke package to support your employees through this time of change.

One-to-one career transition coaching

“Thanks very much for today’s session. I’ve got a clear plan of action that will keep me busy for quite a few days. I’m finding this career transition very difficult and your ability to steer me back on track is invaluable.”

With 10 years’ experience in partnering people through career and job transitions, I can provide the support and know-how that really makes a difference to your departing staff. One-to-one career coaching offers your employees space, support and expertise to help them identify their next career step and transition more quickly and gracefully to a new role.

In their coach, your staff have an objective collaborator to help them review their skills, clarify what they want, and explore the options for their next career step. They receive the expert guidance and support they need to make informed decisions about their future, access resources, and more quickly land a new opportunity.

As part of the coaching process, I can also offer Individual Directions Inventory assessments. IDI is a powerful tool that helps individuals identify what truly motivates them, supporting them in making decisions about their next career step based on what will bring them real satisfaction. Download a brief introduction from the inventors of IDI here:

I offer career transition coaching sessions by phone or face-to-face on your premises throughout the South West and South East. If you would like to know more, please get in touch to book a free initial consultation.

Organisational change support for remaining staff

Your people work for you because they believe in your organisation and appreciate the opportunities it gives them. Finding out that jobs are at risk dents morale, affects company culture, and challenges your employees’ belief in your values. For the layoff survivors, left behind after job losses, there are difficult and conflicting emotions: sadness at the loss of their co-workers, guilt at being the ones to keep their jobs, discouragement and loss of faith in your organisation, and worry about managing an increased workload.

At this time it is important to preserve your good relationship with your remaining critical employees. The future health and ultimate survival of your organisation relies upon rebuilding morale, revitalising company values, and reengaging staff in your strategic aims and mission.

I offer a variety of approaches to help your people move on from the challenging period of downsizing and recommit to their new roles within your organisation. These include the work of Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on the cycle of change and loss; systems theory as applied to change; organisational constellating; and team coaching.

Please contact me to discuss your particular needs or book a free initial consultation.