Benefits of coaching

“Coaching is the best way to achieve a step change in performance – and ultimately in results.”
Andy Cross, Head of Learning and Development, Virgin Atlantic

One-to-one coaching improves leadership styles within your organisation, strengthens your teams for success, and motivates staff at all levels to:
  • work hard on their own productivity, creativity and skills and excel in their roles
  • resolve the pervasive interpersonal and communication issues that can muddy the waters
  • unify as a team, especially where one or two individuals may be holding others back
  • enjoy space to reflect and refocus, stay more objective and keep hold of the bigger picture
It’s essential that your investment in people translates into measurable results for your organisation as a whole. Positive collaboration between your managers and the individual being coached allows the coaching goals to align with your strategic plan. Offering coaching to your staff therefore helps you:
  • ease pressure on resources and generate a better quality and more consistent end product
  • keep projects, campaigns and productions running to time and coming in on budget
  • avoid costly crises and ‘situations’

Coaching works at all levels of the organisation, from the top down, and is a powerful route to results. I will be delighted to explore with you how and where coaching can have a positive impact within your organisation, whether at executive level, with new managers or teams.

“Coaching has helped us improve our communication and efficiency and we’ve been able to maximise the value of the people we’ve taken on over the years, helping them to grow with us, in what is a highly volatile industry.”
Andrew Jackson, Managing Director, Tigress Productions

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Become known as an employer of choice in your industry

A Reed Consulting survey demonstrated that 49% of staff leave their jobs because they experience a lack of opportunity for personal and career development. By providing on the spot, tailor-made interventions not only will you support better performance in all your staff, but you will also retain your highest performers. This means you:
  • reduce recruitment costs by engaging and keeping your staff
  • create an organisational culture committed to ongoing development
  • improve the long-term sustainability and efficiency of your organisation

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions on your premises or over the phone, using a range of coaching tools to help leaders and managers at all levels gain insight and improve performance. The focus of each coaching assignment depends on the change each individual needs to create. It’s inspiring and motivating, and each person makes his or her own progress.

But isn’t that what project and line managers do?

Many do, but success rates vary. Line managers can find it hard to stay objective, and the individual being coached might not want to speak openly. That can be hugely demotivating for all. Research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shows that working with an external coach is far more effective.

As part of the coaching process and I also offer Individual Directions Inventory assessments; IDI is a powerful tool based on scientific research that enables people to understand what motivates and satisfies them. Benefits include:
  • enabling individuals to understand how their motivations relate to their work and performance
  • giving managers a potent tool for empowering employees and supporting business initiatives
  • building stronger teams through a deeper understanding of the motivations that inspire their members

Get in touch to find out more about IDI or download an introduction from its inventors MRG here:

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