My varied working life initially centred around the media and wildlife industries, from guiding in the Gal├ípagos Islands to 20 years as a programme maker. In between I’ve taken in working for the National Trust, running a community media centre, working as a diving instructor in Tanzania, doing community mediation, making health education videos in Ethiopia, designing gardens, leading trips up the Amazon… It’s not been boring!

I have made many major changes in my own life, from career transitions to changes in my personal circumstances. I’ve worked and travelled in more than 40 countries and fulfilled a great variety of roles. I’ve come to understand the importance of making value-based decisions and keeping the big picture in mind.

I’ve worked in every imaginable way from working in large corporations and small commercial businesses to charities and environmental organisations and volunteering overseas. I’ve been self-employed for the last 12 years, initially freelancing and then running my own businesses.

I began working at the BBC Natural History Unit in 1987 as the sole researcher on the flagship Wildlife on One series. By 1992 I was freelance, working for many independent production companies such as Zebra Films, Tigress Productions and Scorer Associates as series researcher, assistant producer and director. Major productions included Wildlife of Indonesia and Nightmares of Nature, and I worked in the field with Hugh Miles on Puma, Lion of the Andes. Over the years I also produced many documentaries for BBC Radio 4, including St. John’s Treasure and Animals That Changed the World.

I am enthusiastic about life and its potential. Throughout my life I have done a lot of travelling, from living in South America to travelling on my own through Africa. Now I am based in my home city of Bristol and enjoy my long-standing friendships and family connections. Although I have no children of my own, it’s great to spend time with my partner’s two children and my own two godchildren. I have a spiritual path which underpins my approach to life. I love hiking and the outdoors, dance Argentine tango and speak fluent French and Spanish.